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The intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a comprehensive and highly individualized program designed to help individuals address chemical dependancy and gambling addiction issues. The outpatient program, as opposed to an inpatient program, allows the individual to remain home with his/her family, resolve current life problems, and ocntinue working. We believe that addictive disorders arise from multiple causes and have serious physical, spiritual, mental and emotional consequences. Ideal treatment involves withdrawal from all toxic substances within a drug-free, warm, supportive environment capable of effective intervention in the destructive process of psychoactive substance abuse. For many, this can best be accomplished in an intensive, structured, therapeutic outpatient environment. The degree of commitment ot the program will be the best indicator of your chance for successful recovery.


You will find the atmosphere safe and discreet and our staff understanding of individual condition and needs. Clients will gain support from others while contributing toward the recovery of others as well. Clients that choose our program are looking for a confidential treatment alternative. To provide this, we keep our group sizes small, enabling clients to get the treatment they need without compromising community or employment relationships.